RITMOCORE Procurement

Throughout the preparation stage of the project the consortium offered several possibilities to learn about RITMOCORE and provide input to the project. The following activities took place:

  • Several events related to the Open Market Consultation, e.g. matchmaking events, one-on-one meetings, co-creation sessions, and collection of input from questionnaires
  • Sharing of lessons learned, challenges and best practices; e.g. via an on-line tool, presentations at events, scientific publications, and scientific conferences
  • Dedicated meetings with policy makers and presentations at events about long term healthcare strategy.
  • Training of care professionals, patients and informal carers by attending dedicated events organized and through other relevant communication channels.
  • Sharing insights into the use of the PPI instrument, e.g. via an on-line tool and attending dedicated events.

The tender was awarded in December 2020 to Biotronik España.

Open Market Consultation

Getting to know the market is what successful PPIs do. The overall objective of an Open Market Consultation is to gather information from the market with a view to later procurement, and to inform potential suppliers of the authority’s needs. For RITMOCORE the open market consultation was a valuable instrument to verify market readiness, to create engagement, to facilitate different stakeholders meeting each other, and to increase acceptance and awareness.

The Open Market Consultation was launched through the publication by the lead procurer of a Prior Information Notice (PIN) on the Official Journal of the European Union. For the aims of OMC a set of open events (in presence and/or via webinar) were organized by the partners involved in the project, at European (mostly to identify industrial players) and local level (to promote co-creation and partnership), in which the RITMOCORE approach was presented and discussed and the feedback from the market, as well as from other interested stakeholders, was collected.

Are you interested in the results of the RITMOCORE’s OMC? You can find them here in Catalonian, English and Spanish.


Prior Information Notice

July 2018

Open Market Consultation

August – October 2018

Specification definition

January 2020

Invitation to tender

January – May 2020

Receiving bids

January – May 2020

Bids evaluation

October 2020

Stand still period


Contract awarding

December 2020

Service delivery and evaluation

January 2021 to June 2022