RITMOCORE is a Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) project, funded by the European Union under Horizon2020, addressing the evolution in the treatment of patients using or in need of an implantable pacemaker (PM). Moving from a conventional purchasing of devices to an innovative service provision.

How does it work?

The PPI instrument is used to facilitate the uptake of innovative solutions and to incentivise a co-creation process between stakeholders. Linking the offer from pacemaker manufacturers and companies developing supporting technology with the unmet need of health care professionals and patients.


To increase quality of care and patient experience, monitor pacemakers (PM) performance and making better use of all recorded data, establish a win-win purchasing model, and empower and activate the patient. Powered by the implementation of an innovative care model enhanced by ICT solutions.

Interested in participating?

RITMOCORE is soon to launch it’s tender. Are you interested in participating or just want to be up to date of the progress? Here we list the following options for you:

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Open Market Consultation

To know the market has been an important lesson learnt from successful PPI examples. The overall objective is to gather information from the market with a view to later procurement, and to inform potential suppliers of the authority’s needs. In RITMOCORE we see the open market consultation as a valuable instrument to verify market readiness, to create engagement, to facilitate different stakeholders meeting each other, and to increase acceptance and awareness.

What will be the result of RITMOCORE?

The RITMOCORE PPI will define and implement an innovative care model enhanced by ICT solutions. It will set up and generalize a systematic description of the high-level specifications and functionalities that yield innovation, in the calls for tenders and in the offers for the involved domain. In addition to the extended use of pacemakers potential the RITMOCORE care model will open doors for innovative home monitoring devices, wearables and Apps connecting the healthcare system and the patients, allowing ICT innovations to flourish, especially for SMEs. It includes an innovative purchasing approach based on risk sharing models to align objectives of suppliers and buyers. Moving from purchasing devices to service provision allows a more complementary relationship with suppliers & providers to unlock the use of pacemakers’ market innovations.


Regional vision should be pursued, to envisage a comprehensive change management strategy with appropriate plans and regulations and to promote local initiatives to deploy an innovative model of care enhanced by a critical mass of digital technologies, with the commitment of all the stakeholders. We will produce:

  • An eLearning platform for professionals
  • Dashboard to manage the change and assessKPIs satisfaction

RITMOCORE focusses on the cost-effective treatment of patients with arrhythmias using or in need of a pacemaker. The personalisation of each patient is an important factor in RITMOCORE. Therefore we will embrace:

  • Provision of appropriate devices for each patient (such as device portfolio availability, stock management, training, etc.) and to support Remote Monitoring.
  • ‘Adequate device’ and settings, proposed by RITMOCORE platform thanks to the data from Remote Monitoring.

Gaining access to parameters related to the performance of the pacemaker, and registry of heart behaviour:

  • Increased follow up frequency including automatic alarms.
  • Earlier identification of problems related with any miss functioning of the PM and also the appearance of any pathologies.
  • Increasing the value of patient-clinician interaction by making use of registered data.

The level of activation has a strong influence in the evolution and impact of a chronic disease. Patient activation implies:

  • A change in culture and procedures of the care team
  • User centric design procedures
  • A holistic approach to the patient

To increase the quality of care and efficiency by right information sharing and comprehensive care path implementation:

  • Identifying the data and the adequate information channels
  • Building feasible and efficient communication channels
  • Change management challenge

Public Procurement of Innovation

Public procurement of innovation will help foster market uptake of innovative products and services, increase the quality of public services in markets where the public sector is a significant purchaser, support access to markets for businesses – especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – and help address major societal challenges. PPI aims to ‘close the gap’ between cutting-edge technology and processes and the public sector customers or users who can benefit from them.