RITMOCORE has identified four pillars that highlight the key aspects of the project. Select one of the pillars for more information.

Regional vision should be pursued, to envisage a comprehensive change management strategy with appropriate plans and regulations and to promote local initiatives to deploy an innovative model of care enhanced by a critical mass of digital technologies, with the commitment of all the stakeholders. We will produce:

  • An eLearning platform for professionals
  • Dashboard to manage the chang and asses KPIs satisfaction
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The personalization of each patients is an important factor in RITMOCORE. Therefore we will embrace:

  • Provision of appropraite devices for each patients
  • ‘Adequate device’ and settings
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Gaining access to parameters related to the performance of the pacemaker, and registry of hearth behaviour:

  • Increased follow up frequency including automatic alarms.
  • Earlier identification of problems related with any miss functioning and also the appearance of any pathologies.
  • Increasing clinicians’ time dedicated to relevant registries and patients in need of attention.
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To increase the quality of care and efficiency by right information sharing and comprehensive care path implementation:

  • Identifying the data and the adequate information channels
  • Building feasible and efficient communication channels
  • Change management challenge
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The level of activation has a strong influence in the evolution and impact of a chronic disease. Patient activation implies:

  • A change in culture and procedures of the care team
  • User centric design procedures
  • A holistic approach to the patient
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