RITMOCORE Consortium

The consortium is composed of key clinical centres in Europe, together with strategic innovation partners at national level that provide relevant expertise in the PPI field. Bringing together partners with diverse backgrounds in public procurement from different countries and fields of specialisation, enables the participating procuring entities to benefit from a wide range of other experiences at each stage of the procurement process.

For RITMOCORE the clinical need is focused on remote cardiac care and each of the active hospitals in this consortium has a clear commitment to offer the latest medical treatments and techniques. Each of these clinical centres brings its own special expertise and all have a proven name for offering high quality patient-centred care.

Another key consideration in the consortium is to have direct experience of the PPI instrument. Several of the partners in our consortium have already collaborated together in the PPI Pilot STOPandGO and most of them participate in different procurement projects at national and European level.

PPI Experts

RITMOCORE builds on the collaboration and knowledge acquired in the STOPandGO project (http://www.stopandgoproject.eu/), a PPI addressing the development of a European Specification Template and a Reference Business Case for innovative ICT-enabled services for elderly people. It is applying the STOPandGO approach to promote innovative care models that make an innovative usage of a critical mass of existing but fragmented ICT solutions. The experience of STOPandGO has been extremely enlightening on the main difficulties in addressing a PPI and the STOPandGO results will be used to shape the Business Case and the High Level Specifications in RITMOCORE. The PPI experts in the project are all a member of the STOPandGO consortium. Click on the button below for more information on the RITMOCORE PPI Experts.

Buyers Group

The Buyers Group is the group of procuring organisations that will jointly prepare, procure and implement the RITMOCORE Public Procurement procedure and contracts to address the identified common challenge. The Lead Procurer is the procurer that is appointed by the buyers group in an action to coordinate and lead the joint PPI procurement in the name and on behalf of the Buyers’ group. The Lead Procurer in RITMOCORE is the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Click on the button below for the current Buyers Group.